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Homeopathy and PTSD

Soldier returns to daughter Homeopathy can help with PTSD

On Veteran's Day it is a sobering thought that 20% of those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are likely to suffer from PTSD or major depression. According to the VA, in a 2005 report, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was the fourth most common service-related disability.

PTSD is characterized by flashbacks or nightmares to the event(s) that caused the trauma, irritability, anxiety, hypervigilance and the tendency to startle easily. Often those with PTSD will withdraw from people, places and images that remind them of the original event. Hundreds of thousands of Veterans will also have experienced some form of brain injury.

Homeopathy can help, both through first aid and deeper constitutional care.

Aconite* is a wonderful remedy for panic attacks, with intense restlessness and fear of death.

Arnica* is a remedy for shock, concussion and bruising. It can still work even weeks or months after the original event.

Natrum sulph is for head injuries with long-lasting after effects, such as headaches.

Ignatia* is a remedy for intense emotional shock and grief with a sense of disbelief.

Natrum mur* is a grief remedy for those who try to contain their emotions and put on a brave face, finding it hard to confide in anyone.

*These remedies are in our Deluxe Kit.

While first aid remedies are very helpful, a carefully selected individualized constitutional remedy is the best approach. If you know of a Veteran who would like to use Homeopathy as part of their recovery from any kind of service-related trauma, please ask them to contact me, by commenting on this page. Their comment will not be seen by anyone but me.

I would like to offer 3 month's free Homeopathy treatment, either in person or via the phone, to the first Veteran to contact me.

5 thoughts on “Homeopathy and PTSD”

  • Kim@How To Manage Stress

    Mary, you have offered great solutions to this very pressing problem with PTSD and I commend your efforts as our veterans need support, so well done! (@snadkis, from twitter)

  • H Rock

    I am heading with my husband to a naturapath tomorrow who specializes in homeopathy. He has been living with PTSD for 3 years now from a tour of duty in Afghanistan in 2008. This information gives me hope for something other than increasing his dose of psych meds with their terrible side effects. Hard to believe that he could be treated so easily after everything he has gone through for so long (EMDR, acupuncture weekly, anti-dep/anxiety meds). Thank you so much for sharing this information. Wish us luck!!

    • Mary Aspinwall

      I am so happy you are going this route. If you buy the current issue of Homeopathy Today you'll read about a great homeopathic charity in SF working with homeless veterans with great success.
      Let me know how you go

      PS can I publish your comment?

      Wow, thank you for the quick reply! We have been dealing with the allopathic route for so long, and I am always searching for new things. I have used homeopathy successfully over the years, but never really thought about it for this. He is not doing particularly well these days, so his resistance is a bit low, so I jumped on the opportunity to get him to go to the naturopath just thinking she could help rebuild his adrenals. He didn't really have the energy to resist, he is just desperate to get better. I called this afternoon to schedule an appointment and they have one for tomorrow! So I just started looking at the homeopathy aspect on a whim tonight and boy was I surprised at the effectiveness!

      Thank you so much for your contribution to the field.

      Yes, of course you can publish my comment. No Worries!

      Thanks again...