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Homeopathy and Surgery

surgeon-with-thumb-up Homeopathy heals you fast after surgery

Homeopathy can be a great support before and after surgery. For instance, research in France* has shown that Aconite is a highly effective treatment for post surgical anxiety in children.

Aconite is often given either before or after surgery to adults and children if there is extreme restlessness, anxiety and fear of dying. Pets can also benefit from this remedy when they have to be taken to the vet!

Aconite is just one of the many helpful remedies to have with you if you are scheduled for surgery or dentistry.


in preparation for surgery, Arnica 30c
to counter the after-effects of surgery, Arnica 30c
if deep tissue is affected, breast or abdomen, Bellis perennis 30c


for surgical wounds with shooting nerve pain, Hypericum 30c
after amputations, Hypericum 30c
for pain of surgical wounds, Calendula 30c or Staphisagria 30c
for pain of surgical wounds, better for cold applications, though wound is cold, Ledum 30c


for infection of surgical incisions, early stages, red, hot and throbbing, Belladonna 30c
for infection of surgical incisions, painful and pus present, Hepar sulph 30c
after catheters, enemas, oral or anal surgery, Staphisagria 30c


for weakness due to loss of fluids, blood loss, China 30c


for nausea after anesthetic, Phosphorus 30c
irritability and toxicity after anesthetic, Nux vomica 30c
for painful trapped wind after surgery, China 30c

All homeopathic remedies mentioned here are in our Deluxe kit.

*A double-blind placebo-controlled trial of Homeopathy in France by J.P. Alibeu and J. Jobert: "Aconite in Post-Operative Pain and Agitation in Children." published by Pediatrie, 1990, 45, 7-8, 465-6.

6 thoughts on “Homeopathy and Surgery”

  • Stephen Gascoigne

    Hi Mary, congratulations on your new look website. A question about Arnica before or after surgery. I increasingly come across people who are told by their surgeons not to take it as it may lead to more problems. Is there any basis to this?

    • Mary Aspinwall

      Hi Stephen,
      Glad you like the site. This is a great question. Excuse the lengthy answer!
      There are two strands of misinformation that I commonly hear in relation to homeopathy. The most common is that homeopathy cannot possibly work because the remedies often contain less than a molecule of the original substance. This translates to: it can't possibly work because we don't fully understand how it works. What I call Flat Earth thinking...
      When millions of people say that it worked for them, they are told that homeopathy's effectiveness is due to the placebo effect. Those who say it worked for their pets and babies and so it can't be just placebo effect are either ignored or mocked. My suggestion to those who want to find the truth is try homeopathy for yourself and see what happens. The healthiest minds are the open ones!
      The second, thankfully less common, bit of misinformation is that homeopathy is in some way dangerous and to be avoided. This flies in the face of all the evidence to the contrary. A survey conducted in the US in 2007 estimated that 3.9 million U.S. adults and 900,000 children used homeopathy in 2006. Yet despite this high level of use no genuinely homeopathic medicine has ever been recalled and they are all side-effect free*. The NIH (US National Institute for Health) notes on its website that Homeopathic remedies are regulated in the same way as non-prescription, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and because homeopathic products contain little or no active ingredients, they do not have to undergo the same safety and efficacy testing as prescription and new OTC drugs.
      Arnica in a homeopathic dose is safe to take internally before surgery. A single dose is sufficient and should be taken before you begin fasting in preparation for the operation. After that it can be repeated as needed for bruising and shock. There is one area where Arnica has to be used with care. It is not for use topically on an open wound. If you have a bruise with a cut please take homeopathic Arnica internally and use Calendula topically on the broken skin. It is Nature's finest antiseptic.
      I hope this is helpful.
      Wishing you well

      *Zicam(TM) Cold Remedy Nasal Gel, Zicam(TM) Cold Remedy Nasal Swabs, Zicam(TM) Cold Remedy Swabs Kids, were all marketed as "homeopathic" but received an FDA warning after it received 130 complaints of loss of smell. On closer inspection of the labeling we find Zicam contained material (non-homeopathic) doses of Zinc.

  • Janis Kirker

    thanks for the great website - I wanted to share my experience with another possible use for Nux Vomica. After a number of courses of different antibiotics for infections, my stomach was upset and I felt tense, headachey and out of sorts for weeks...until I remembered to try Nux Vomica - one dose relieved my distress dramatically and restored my well being - WOW was all I could say.

    • Mary Aspinwall

      Hi Janis,
      Thanks for this very useful addition. Sulphur can also help if you feel out of sorts after antibiotics. Another great liver detox remedy is Cheledonium.
      Wishing you well

  • michelle doyle

    Hi Mary,
    I have used Raphanus 30c tp help pateints post op with refferred shoulder pain following laparoscopies and it works wonders. I used to work as a nurse in theatre and found nothing would help this pain and so the pateint would have huge doses of morphine and prolonged their stay in hospital, but thanks to homeopathy Raphanus is the one. I love your site.