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“My daughter is going to college this year. To better prepare her, she and I are reading Mary’s online Exploring Homeopathy course. The course is a concise and extremely informative description of homeopathy, including its origins and principles. Mary gives illustrative examples of how homeopathic medicine works and empowers the reader to use homeopathy for first aid purposes. I know my daughter will have the necessary tools to use homeopathic medicine while at college as a result of reading Mary’s course and purchasing her Deluxe kit. ”
Anne Burgevin, PA

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Your Starter Kit + Guide to Homeopathy for First Aid
Your Deluxe Kit + Guide to First Aid and Minor illnesses
Your Emergency Kit + Guide to Homeopathy for First Aid
Your Deluxe Kit + Guide to Homeopathy for Pregnancy
Your Childbirth Kit + Guide to Homeopathy for Childbirth
Your Traveler Kit + Guide to Homeopathy for Travel
Your Pet Kit + Guide to Homeopathy for Pets

27 Responses to Mary’s FREE course Exploring Homeopathy

  1. Rohit Kumar Baruah says:

    I want to know about homoeopathy

  2. Sonia s.r.bhagchandani says:

    i wish to know ur approach

  3. I am a RN and working on my ND and wanting to learn more about homeopathy .

  4. Azman Bin Saad says:

    It’s good start for me to get a new knowleadge in alternative medicine, even it’s free. I will not missed out this chance. Thanks

  5. a says:

    Im a veterinary student.
    Would like to take this course.
    Also, was wondering if i could apply the same principles to treat animals, and how…

    • I am guessing you were going to say “treat animals” and the answer is yes. You will need to rely more on your observations in choosing the right remedy. The pet kit is suitable for all animals great and small and has a very useful leaflet. There are also some excellent books available to support you is you search on Amazon or I have seen miraculous cures using homeopathy, including my cat Raccoon who grew back a hind leg after having lost all the flesh off the bone after gas gangrene!

  6. lexie says:

    Hi,I would like to learn about homeopathy to aid me being a life force healer,using the boulderstone technique.

  7. ali imran says:

    plz tell me how can i purchase deluxe kit,emergency kit and pregnency kit???whats the prices???

  8. Dr.Abdul Majeed says:

    Madam Mary,

    I hope you will be in good health.
    I am a Doctor of veterinary medicine.I have a great interest to learn homeopathy in human side.will you be kind enough to help me in this regard?



  9. Dear Mary
    I wanted to say some kind warm words regarding your website, which i find interesting and easy to use- which is very important.
    You are doing a very important work, which is spread out through emails (your e-mail list of subscribers), internet, online and offline customers… and so on.
    I really love and appreciate it because i know how difficult it might be sometimes, an i wish you all the best-your site is very nice and easy to use/

    all the best


  10. janet says:

    free online cource and free ebook please thanks janet im excited!! ta! ta!

  11. Hi Mary
    First of all i would like to say thank-you for your valuable website.
    I really think that giving away knowledge, as you do here, is very important nowdays, especially if you want to spread the word of Homeopathy.
    I personally love Homeopathy, and use it from time to time. My family uses it on a regular manner, so it is proved to be one of the most effective treatment methods (should be medicine!) i know :)

    thanks a lot


    • Thanks for your encouragement, Ronnie. I love Homeopathy, too. It was a life saver for me and it has been a wonderfully rewarding career. Best wishes to you and your family.

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